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Gatekeeper Utility

Gatekeeper Utility is the most commonly used utility. It adds access action to any NFT holder. The NFT holder gains access to anything the creator intends the NFT for, such as Dapp, Content, Metaverse, Event, Real world space, and so on. The applications are limitless.

The internet is now a place where everyone has an inventory. Let's protect your project against phishing attacks by enabling non-fungible tokens to prove ownership of real users. Creating an exclusive token-enabled membership to manage and operate at the most composable levels with programmable custom Gatekeeper configurations. We won't need any access to user funds in the wallets, thereby safe-guarding against possible stealing of funds. Seclude to using multiple wallets connect to your account and chose your account via your user's favorite non-custodial wallet solution. Unlock new and exclusive content and advanced dapp access control for your users. Furthermore, the Smart NFTs can be sold on secondary markets to distribute access to the communities. NFT Drops to promote certain milestones and also enabling stage-wise feature roll-outs.

Implementing Token-gating has never been easier. Let's dive into how Gatekeeper works.


The very first thing we need is an NFT. You can mint your own NFT from DripVerse Mint Page. We will also allow importing pre-minted NFTs from other marketplaces in the near future.


Adding utility is only available to the NFT creator or minter. While the access in only available to the current owner(s) of NFT. If you're the owner of the NFT, you should see a Utility Tab right beside your NFT Details and an active Utility card inside of it.

Utility Example

On hovering over it, it'll open up if you're the rightful owner of the NFT.

Utility Open

The link here will take you through the authorised gate which has been set by the creator.

Use Cases 🚪:

  1. Gated Link: Provide special access to a gated link.
  2. Token Gated Blog: Exclusive access to your blog by article, tags, category or in entirety.
  3. Decentralised Media Platform: Provide exclusive access based on production house, artist, or in entirety. DEMO
  4. Metaverse Event: Let your audience holding your NFT exclusive access to your event.
  5. Livestream: Let your audience listen in and participate by controlling access via same or different NFTs.
  6. Ask Me Anything: Host an exclusive AMAs with verified guests.

NFT Sale [Coming Soon...]

NFT can be also sold further on primary and secondary NFT markets. If you wish to add your favorite marketplace to this upcoming feature, please tweet to us @0xDripVerse.