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The CyberSpace


Cyberspace is a concept describing a widespread interconnected digital technology. The expression dates back from the first decade of the diffusion of the internet. It refers to the online world as a world 'apart', as distinct from everyday reality. -- Wikipedia

In fact we are already living in Cyberspace. Just not very evolved yet, or perhaps it is depending on when you're reading this. Even the term Metaverse, is but a variation or subpart of Cyberspace.


Metaverse was coined by Neal Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash (1992). In futurism and science fiction, the metaverse is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal and immersive virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets.

The above definitions hopefully makes it a little more clear towards what we're aiming for.

The cyberspace currently, is at a stage where we are pretty much connected via a world wide web or as we call the internet. Various apps for chatting in text, voice and video formats. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is just taking shape which goes on to prove a strong digital presence of just about anybody. The client facing devices, such as computers, laptop, mobile devices, VR headsets, AR glasses are evolving to make rendering this digital world to make it more seamless to use and interact. If we want to connect with someone, they're but a couple of taps away. Thanks to google mail, google meet, facebook, instagram, whatsapp, telegram, linkedin and other millions of apps already out there and one or more of these being used by most of us.

The decentralised movement made us realise the ownership of our data and accountability that has been eluded for the sake of these functionalities that we enjoy now. We still need to use these product. Nothing that we can do about it, but make it a little more usable and safer for the generations ahead to come up with. At the same time the pace of development and innovation to take us to the next stage in the evolution of cyberspace.

Ideally, we would need the entire web to be at that state. It's a world where we only define what we want and all other aspects from user interfaces to backend gets auto-rendered and distributed. It's how we exist in the real world. If we want to convey something to someone, all we need to do is talk it out. If we want to express further, our facial muscles and hands do that for us. We can even write or draw on a whiteboard if in vicinity which further explains it. Today, we've movies or music to even provide an immersive experience towards explaining a concept. Examples to take from and references to point out to. However, all of these are provided that we have such devices or objects near to us, as well as the knowledge to use and make them. True power of someone explaining a concept lies in how good they can make us imagine it and helps us visualise in our mind. Not everyone of us have a strong imaginative power nor the visualising capabilities. We perform at every task based on how well we understand the situation and can imagine the solution that the problem requires. And so, people with strong spatial visualisation have always performed better than others. Historically, the best innovators, surgeons, artists, thinkers have all envisioned a world that we currently live in. It can also be said that if enough people envisions the same world, it comes into existence. It's not that these people have some special ability to manifest an entire world order into existence. It's a natural flow of need from various parts of our own society that makes it possible. Of course, the ones building the product might be the ones with means. What if all of us have the same means. Wonder what change such a collective thinking of that magnitude would bring about to this world. However, our job is not to think about the change but to build the means to enable such a change possible.

All we need is possible, and we are here to make it into a reality!

A truly trans-digital and meta-physical experience that goes way beyond the concepts of Metaverse. We envision that such a state of the cyberspace is not impossible and in-fact achievable in a few years time. We aim to bring that reality into existence. A true Ambient Web Experience. Dare to dream?